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Magic Mirrors

Save the magic!

Magic have almost completely disappeared from our world. This is because all of them have been revealed and all magical objects have been found and collected by a secret organisation – the League of Shadows, which for centuries has worked feverishly to take all magical items into its possession only to enhance its power and influence! Your team is part of the “Free Magic!” activist group. Your task is to break into the League’s secret hideout and steal a legendary magical object called the Arcanum. No one knows exactly what it looks like and what its abilities are, but the prophecy says it can release all magic for everyone! However, it is possible to perform the ritual of releasing magic for only one hour every 250 years, when the proper alignment of stars occurs. That time is coming. You must hurry! If you run out of time, magic will be lost for hundreds of years to come.

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The Magic Mirrors escape game is intended for 2-5 players. The game doesn’t rank among the easiest, but you needn’t expect any excessive trickiness.

NOTICE: Knowledge of the Czech or English language is necessary to play the game!

The price range is CZK 1,390 – CZK 1,890 (depending on the number of persons and the reservation time)

Magic Mirrors – Escape game in Prague

Where can you play? You can enjoy our magical escape game right in the centre of Prague. You will find us on Opatovická ulice in Nové Město. It’s no coincidence that our game is there. This part of Prague was established in the 14 th century and the local ancient buildings could tell mysterious that defy reason.

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