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Awesome escape games in Prague

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Do you think, that Prague cannot offer you unseen games? The unique escape games in ESCAPIA WORLD are full of mysterious mysteries, sophisticated puzzles and mysterious elements. Games that confuse your mind.

Games, that you want to forget

Because you want to play them again

What is an escape game?

Escape games, are mysterious adventure stories, that you can experience first-hand. As you play, you warm up your brain threads while solving various puzzles, riddles and secrets. You will also check, how fast you can orient yourself in the new space. And most importantly, you will enjoy a lot of adventure and unforgettable fun with your friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

Where did escape games come from?

You may be surprised, that the concept of escape is inspired by computer games, where you have to quickly orient yourself in a new environment and explore it in order to escape.

The very first game was created in Japan in 2007. It didn’t take long and this phenomenon spread all over the world. And of course also to Prague.

How to play?

The principle of playing escape games is not complicated. The game itself is complicated. The team of players, which can consist of 2-5 people, finds themselves in a mysterious and unknown room, where they have to solve a lot of mysteries, that will help them escape. To make the game not only fun, but also exciting, it has a set time limit. This is usually 60 minutes.

You do not need any special training or clothing to play. Clever thinking and a special detective instinct will definitely come in handy. And if you don’t have them, you don’t have to worry. You can get them from us in one hour.

What is the games about?

Above all, it is a perfect way of fun, where you can embark on a new adventure full of complex puzzles and fun with a group of favorite people. These games are meant to excite you and engulf the story enough to forget reality, stop for a moment, relax, and just enjoy the world that is prepared for you.


Velmi příjemná obsluha, poutavý úvod do příběhu s puncem tajemna. Hra je dobře zpracována, jednotlivé hádanky na sebe navazují a prostředí autentické. Je vidět, že se tady "někdo" snažil. S kamarádkou jsme si to užily, i když jsme potřebovaly pomoct. Navíc bonus, že je to v centru.

Eva Š.


We can’t tell you much about our escape games, but I’m sure, you’re curious what they look like. It’s one big secret, but we can promise you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and the mysterious environment. However, this is definitely not enough for you, so we have prepared sample photos for you.

Let the joy escape

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Where to find our escape games?
In city center, in Prague 1.


Opatovická 1659/4, Praha 1 – Nové Město, 110 00
+420 732 905 000

Open daily: Mon-Sun 10 am -10 pm

Escape game Prague

And where can you find ESCAPIA WORLD escape games? You will find us in Prague 1. Not far from the Žofín Palace, 3 minutes walk from the Národní třída metro B station or one minute walk from the Národní divadlo tram station.

It is a short distance everywhere in the center of Prague, so come to us, enjoy and forget about the reality of everyday life with our sensational game stories.

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